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consider living in moore county!

Why Choose a Moore County Home if you’re looking for real estate near the Fort Bragg NC Base?

- Easy access to the Fort Bragg base (less than 20 minutes).
- Most military personnel that I have worked with are looking for the quaint town atmosphere located on the western side of Fort Bragg.
- Great school systems and friendly atmosphere.
- The Southern Pines, Farm Life and Pinehurst schools are some of the best in North Carolina.

Pinehurst has survived, virtually unchanged, for over 100 years. Nearly all of the Pinehurst's original cottages remain, either through meticulous maintenance or restoration. While the original ambiance of "Old Town Pinehurst" has been retained, the village has grown. Today it is a town of over 10,000 residents, with newer neighborhoods that capture the personality of Old Town. While golf is a way of life in Pinehurst, it boasts a superb tennis club and lovely Lake Pinehurst for water activities. Each are complimented with superb real estate at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.A total of forty-two golf courses can be found in Pinehurst and the surrounding areas, offering an abundance of outstanding golf properties on fairways. And if you don't live on a fairway in Pinehurst, you are a short golf cart drive from one. Lots and home sites for new construction are available throughout the area. Lake Pinehurst, likewise, offers choice waterfront homes and home sites. Pinehurst ranks among the top few places in the eastern United States for quality golf courses, quality golf communities, quality weather and quality of life.

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